The Hardest Floor to Clean

I have cleaned a lot of floors in my day and I have came across many that were very hard for me to clean. Even with the best equipment available it was still a struggle to get the type of clean that I was used to. This hard job was from a wood mill. There was so much saw dust from all of the various table saw fence systems and other saw equipment. To visit this mill go here –

Saw Dust

The saw dust was so deep into the floor that it was almost impossible to get it all up. It took a lot of hours and hard work to finally get the floor to where it was needed. The people that worked at the mill said that some of the stands for the miter saw broke and put saw dust all over the ground.

It took about three days to get all of the saw dust cleaned up and ready to buff. Usually that process takes around a day and that is why this was the hardest floor I have ever cleaned in my career.

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The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors

I was given the job to have our local high school gym floors cleaned and polished during the summer. I had no clue where to even go for some like this or how one would even go about cleaning hardwood floors. I did a ton of research and I came across a really informative website called Outitude. This website was all dedicated to cleaning floors and they had the best selection of floor cleaners on the market.

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I learned some really important stuff such as you need to scrub the hardwood floors before you polish or buff them to get the best final product. I had no clue about this and I guess that if you do that in reverse order then it can really mess up your floors. I was glad that I didn’t waste any money on buying a buffer or polisher That would have been really bad and I would have been in some deep trouble with the school. So I just want to give a shoutout to Outitude because without that site I would have done everything wrong.

Floor cleaner

Are you trying to clean your hardwood floors? If so follow the directions below and you will be good to go!

Remember to start with a scrubber or cleaning machine which will clear the floors of any standing debris or dirt that is too big for the buffer to pick up. So before you do anything make sure to buy or rent a scrubber and put that thing ti work before you worry about getting a buffing machine.

After you scrubbed your floors and they are looking pretty clean the next step is to polish those floors up. When you polish the floors make sure to go over it twice to ensure that every spot of the floor is hit. After that your floors will be looking sparkly clean and you will have some really clean floors.

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