Best Horse Paintings

Painting is a beautiful hobby, and we love seeing artists work really hard to achieve what they had in mine. Horses and horse activities such as endurance racing have been really popular to paint, and we decided to show ones we think are incredibly beautiful.

Here are some of what we believe here at Bradford Open are the best horse paintings.

“A Girl’s Best Friend” -Laurie Pace


-Arthur Braginsky


“Best of Friends” -Carol Nelson

We also love ceramic art. Ceramic art is made from ceramic materials, one of them being clay. When doing ceramic art you can make figurines, sculptures, pottery, tiles, tableware, and even more. After making your ceramic artwork you can paint it, and/or decorate it. Here are some of Bradford Open’s favorite ceramic pieces of art.


-Michelle MacKenzie


-Beth Cavener Stichter


-Flavia Montelupo

Art Exhibitions

Open Art Exhibitions

Not only will there be art exhibitions for you to visit and enjoy at the Pop Up Shop and Ferndean Manor, but there will also be chance to see work at Handmade in Bradford and at the Artworks Creative Community centre housed in the Delius Centre.


In celebration of the 150th anniversary of his birth in Bradford, the exhibition here will be themed on the man and his works. 

But that is not all by any means!!

With the co-operation of Bradford Libraries, there will also be exhibitions by artists taking place in libraries all over the city. (approx 2 week show (tbc) with opening on Saturday but closed Sun, + Bhol Mon &Tue

Other Exhibitions

And then there are the exhibitions at other galleries both large and small; including intimate venues such as the friendly Bingley Gallery

Public Exhibition Venues

Even outside of this event, there are a host of Galleries and Exhibitions for you to enjoy, from famous venues such as the Hockney Galleries at Salts Mill, to the modern and conceptual works at venues such as Impressions Gallery, there is always a host of work on show in the Bradford area.

There are also many different art classes in the Bradford area. Classes can be for beginners and people with experience. There are always new techniques to learn, and fun to be had! They even have couple classes, mommy and me classes, and more!

Here is a video with some tips for beginners wanting to learn about Ceramics!